Updated on July 19, 2023 this Terms & Conditions pertains to the use of all services provided by STAYFOLIO.

Article 1 (Purpose)

  1. Founded in 2005, STAYFOLIO Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company") provides reservation-related services (hereinafter referred to as "Services"). These Terms and Conditions describe the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of "company" and "users" in using such services.

Article 2 (Definition)

  1. It is a virtual business establishment that enables the trading of goods, etc. Using information and communications facilities such as computers in order to provide goods or services (hereinafter referred to as "goods, etc.") to "users" on a lodging reservation platform operated by "company."
  2. “Users” include both members and non-members who access the "platform" and use its services in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  3. An "affiliated seller" is a person who enters into a contract, etc. With the "company" and sells its products, services, and services through the "platform."
  4. A “member” is someone who has registered as a member of the “platform” and is able to access the platform's services.
  5. A “non-member” refers to individuals who do not join the "members" but use the services provided by the "platform."

Article 3 (Explanation, clarification, and amendment of the terms and conditions, etc.)

  1. The “platform” will be displayed on the initial screen of service (front) for users to easily understand the terms and conditions of the platform, the name of the representative, the address of the business office (including the address for complaints), the e-mail address, the business registration number, and the individual who is responsible for personal information management. The user may, however, view the full text of the terms and conditions on the linked screen.
  2. It is possible to revise “platforms” provided that they do not violate applicable laws such as the Consumer Protection Act for Electronic Commerce, the Framework Act on Electronic Documents and Electronic Transactions, the Electronic Financial Transactions Act, and the Information and Communications Network Promotion and Information Protection Act.
  3. When the “platform" revises the terms and conditions, it will specify the revision date and the reason for the revision, and notify the platform's initial screen 7 days in advance of the application date. If the terms and conditions are changed against the user, the notice will be provided with a grace period of at least 30 days. It is clear from the "platform" in this case that the content is compared before and after revision and displayed for the user's convenience.
  4. In the event that the "platform" revises the terms and conditions, the revised terms and conditions apply only to contracts concluded after the revision date, and the terms and conditions prior to the revision remain in effect for contracts already concluded. Members, however, have the right to disagree with the new terms and conditions, in which case they may cease using the service and withdraw.
  5. By using the "service" without objecting to the terms and conditions pursuant to the proviso to paragraph (4), the "member" is deemed to have consented to those terms and conditions.
  6. The interpretation of these Terms and Conditions, as well as any issues not specifically addressed in this Agreement, will be guided by the Consumer Protection Act, the Regulations on Terms and Conditions, the Fair Trade Commission's e-commerce guidelines, as well as applicable laws and business practices.

Article 4 (Provision of services and modification thereof)

  1. The “platform” performs the following functions:
    1. Providing information about facilities
    2. Accepting subscriptions for service usage
    3. Notifying the customer of services for which a contract has been signed
    4. Additional activities prescribed by the "platform"
  2. It is possible for "platform" to make changes to the contents of goods or services to be provided by a future contract in the event of a shortage of goods or changes in technical specifications. In this case, the contents of the changed goods or services and the date of delivery will be specified and notified immediately to the place where the contents of the current goods or services were posted.
  3. When changes are made to the contents of the service contracted by the user to be provided by the "platform" due to reasons such as shortages of goods or changes to technical specifications, the reason for the change will be immediately disclosed to the user.